Built in the century. XVIII, it was bought by José Duarte Henriques de Sousa, in the 1st half of the century. XX, when he returned to Lourenço Marques (now Maputo).

For having spent part of his life in the land of Africa, Mozambique, the former Portuguese colony, became known as the “African”. This house, located in Campia, Vouzela municipality, was for housing and traditional commerce and is equipped with mill, canastro and corrals for cattle, goats and pigs, to support agricultural activities and family support.
In the 2nd half of the century. XX, passed to his son, Dr. Amadeu Duarte Henriques de Sousa, graduated in Medicine and Surgery, College of Medicine, University of Coimbra, known as Dr. Africa. The house deserved repair works even in the twentieth century to include a doctor’s office for private medical practice.
Currently belongs to the Company Traces in Motion Ltd., the partially demolished and adapted the Manor house.

It has 8 suites with TV and air conditioning, 2 of them with fully equipped kitchenette, an outdoor pool, free Wi-Fi, parking availability in a closed park and several seating areas.
Located 2km from the node paragraph 12 of A25.