CAMPIA campia

It is an archaic word meaning “land lavradia”. It is one of nine parishes of Vouzela municipality and is located at the western end of the county, a flat floodplain of the Caramulo mountains.
It is 15 km from the county seat. It has an area of 39.3 km2, representing the largest county parish (20% of the municipal territory). It has a population density of 42 inhabitants / km2.
It consists of the following settlements: Adside, Albitelhe, Cambarinho, Campia, Cercosa, Crasto, Fiais, Blackboard, Malhadouro, Rebordinho, Seixa, Selores and Valleys.
Its patron is St. Michael the Archangel, whose feast is celebrated on 29 September.


It has existed since ancient times. In the course of the century. XVIII, has undergone major transformations and expansions, due to increased population and also probably the greatest economic potential.
This temple, with a single nave, with a rectangular chancel, has carved in the chancel, side altar and pulpit in Rococo style.
The facade is Baroque, but popular nature.


RESERVA BOTÂNICA LOENDROS (1km de distância) loendros

The oleander and rhododendron is a tertiary plant, which resisted in a few places.
Most loendral area of the Iberian Peninsula, appeared in Campia – Cambarinho, on the northern slope of the Caramulo mountains.
Grows wild, framing the brook Cambarinho, a tributary of Alfusqueiro river, with its green and elongated leaves and red-violet flowers of rare beauty.
It blooms from mid-May to mid-June, providing visitors a magnificent spectacle of color and natural beauty.
The importance of this core, led to the creation of the first National Botanical Reserve (Decree Law No. 364/71 of 25 August).

Castro de Cabeço do Couço – Crasto – Campia  (4 km de distância)

It is a town that remount the end Bronze (century XI. – XIII AC), having had its heyday in the Iron Age.
The abandonment of this castro, have occurred in the first centuries of our era, during the Roman rule.
Today is classified as a building of public interest by the IPPC.


Praia Fluvial de Porto Várzea pria

One of the nicest places in the county – the river beach of Puerto Lowland, used for leisure and relaxation, with picnic area, playground and a bar / restaurant on the banks of river Alfusqueiro.

Monumento em homenagem aos Combatentes do séc. XX combatentes

It was erected by fighters of the Expeditionary Force, having opened in November 13, 1999 in honor of campienses fighters of this century. Remember to come the participation of many natural Campia the Colonial War, the 1st World War and expeditions to Africa and India.

Monumento à Virgem Milagrosa sra

Erected in 2013 on the hill overlooking the town, by an illustrious family of Campia, in thanksgiving for blessings received.
The monument, with about 15 meters high, reproduces the image of the Virgin, the model represented in the Miraculous Medal, which many Christians use as a testimony of his devotion to the Virgin, to whom they entrust their concerns and joys, and is now site pilgrimages.


In addition to the sites mentioned, has a set of infrastructure support to the population: Pharmacy, Health Center, Fire, Integrated Primary School, Kindergarten, Restaurants, Cafes, a Fifth Event, Sports Park, Bank and Industrial Zone .

#Other places worth visiting in the county#

Museu Municipal de Vouzela museu

Opened in August 1963, it became a municipal museum in April 1976. It is divided into three rooms, with permanent exhibits of ethnography, sacred art and toys. It also has a room for temporary exhibitions.

Torre Medieval de Cambra
Torre Medieval de Alcofra
Torre Medieval de Vilharigues torre

They are fortified buildings, inspired by the Tower of the century and dated. XII and XIII.
They served as a residence for small and medium nobility, acting a bit like a sign of wealth and power of the owners.
Currently they are part of a tourist trail in Vouzela county.

Termas de S. Pedro do Sul termas

Located in the heart of Lafões, about 18 km from the House of Origins, have about 2000 years of history. They are larger ones at national level and are qualified among the best in Europe.
Open all year, make available to aquistas two thermal spas: the classic resort Queen Doña Amelia and the extensive spa D. Afonso Henriques.

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